WELCOME!  (Last Updated 25 June 2017)
We have been open since 11 Jun. Many people ask how long our season will last. It usually lasts about a month. So if we opened on June 11th, we hope to have berries until July 11th. One of our berry pickers is a bee keeper and has provided pints of honey for sale at our farm for $10 each. This tulip poplar honey looks great.

G & N Berry Farm has 2 acres planted in blueberries. Blueberries are fun and easy to pick, good to eat, and delicious in your favorite recipes. Our 550 blueberry plants include the Brightwell, Climax, and Premier varieties.

Our hours are:
Mon-Fri, by appointment only - call (256) 682-6257
Sat, 7 am to 3 pm
Sun, 1-5 pm

Call G & N Berry Farm at (256) 682-6257

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